Our Heavenly Father Church is always seeking to serve a much larger community. There are many ministries available in which a member of the parish can serve, but we are not limited to only these.  There are many ways that we can be active in our community.  Currently many of the ministries are bilingual, but most members are spanish speakers, if you are interested in the ministry and would like to gather an english speaking group do contact the parish as we can expand the ministries to include more activities.
  1. Lectors/Lectores
    The lector is instituted to proclaim the readings from Sacred Scripture, with the exception of the Gospel. He may also announce the intentions for the Universal Prayer and, in the absence of a psalmist, recite the Psalm between the readings. Lectors are men and women who proclaim the readings at parish liturgies. Lectors should be Confirmed Catholics in good standing.
    Call the parish office for more information. Para información acerca de los Sacramentos y Quinceañeras llamar a la oficina.
    Please notify the parish office of any ill or homebound person. Favor de avisar a la oficina parroquial si hay algun enfermo en la casa.
    30 minutes before every Mass/ 30 minutos antes de todas las Misas. Martés y Juéves de 5:00 a 5:50pm/ Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:00 to 5:50pm.
  5. Youth Ministry/ Ministerio de los Jovenes
    Youth Ministry Coordinator : Please contact Mrs. Martha Gonzales @(956) 589-0358 or Jimena Sanchez @ (956) 708-8333 for more information.
Our Ministry
  1. Matachines
    We are currently looking for new members. If you are interested in joining our ministry please call the Parish office to sign up and for information on when to meet. Estamos buscando nuevos integrantes! Si usted esta interesado en unirse a este grupo, favor the comunicarse a la parroquia para registrarse y más información.
  2. Baptisms
    Pre-Baptismal classes: First 2 Sundays of the month after 12:00pm Mass until 4:00pm. Parents and grandparents are encouraged to attend Mass in preparation for Baptisms. The Baptism will be on the fourth Saturday of the month at 10:00am. Classes per-bautismales serán los dos primeros domingos del mes después de Misa a las 12:00pm hasta las 4:00pm. Se les invita a los padres de familia y a los padrinos a participar en la Misa de las 12:00 pm. como preparación para el bautismo. Los bautismos serán el cuarto sábado del mes a las 10:00am.
  3. Choir
    Parishioners interested in joining our choirs can inquire with the choir personnel before or after mass. With many mass times available there are several groups you can be a part of. Miembros de la parroquia interesados en formar parte de algún grupo de Coro pueden informarse con el Coro después de Misa. Con variedad de horarios también son muchos los grupos necesitados.
  4. Holy Eucharist Adoration
    Holy Eucharist Adoration
    Saturday mornings at 8:30 the blessed Eucharist will be exposed for adoration until 9:30am. Todos los Sabados de 8:30 a 9:30am, estara expuesto el Santisimo para adoracion. Saturday from 8:30am to 9:30am. Pro Life Ministry meets the first Saturday of the month in conjunction with the Holy Hour. El ministerio de Provida se reunirá el primer Sabado del mes de 8:30 a 9:30am junto a la Hora Santa.