Our Parish

Saint Anne Mission (later named Our Heavenly Father) was dedicated on September 23, 1967.

The church was to be reconstructed after fire damaged it in 1991. It was blessed and dedicated on the anniversary day, September 23, 1992 by Brownsville Bishop Enrique San Pedro with Rev. George Harris pastor at that time.

     On September 12, 2007 Rev. Hector Cruz, S.M. was appointed Priest in Charge of Our Heavenly Father and San Pedro mission by Bishop Raymundo Pena. In July of 2010 Rev. Joel Grissom, S.M. was sent to help with the responsibility of the Parish of San Felipe de Jesus and the Mission of Our Heavenly Father.

     On September 15, 2013 the Mission of Our Heavenly Father became a formal Parish, and at the end of December Rev. Joel Grissom, S.M. returned to Boston, MA. 

     On January 1st, 2014, Rev.  Hector Cruz S.M. was released from San Felipe de Jesus to become Our Heavenly Father's full time pastor having been officially installed as such on March 15, 2014, by Bishop Daniel Flores. 
Today, Our Heavenly Father, is lead by Father Juan Pablo Robles. 


 "We, as a unified community around the Eucharist, are devoted to the growth of our parish by spreading the Gospel by word, witness of life, and action; inviting everyone to serve the needs of our neighbors by sharing God's blessings and working together to fulfill the mission of the Catholic Church."